Phakama Women's Academy

59 Kyalami Boulevard
Kyalami Business Park

Phone: 011 799 2600
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1. Am I eligible to be a Phakama Women’s Academy candidate?
The Phakama Women’s Academy is open to young South African women in their second or third year or final year of study at specific academic institutions, who show passion and have a keen interest in equipping themselves for the corporate world.

2. How do I know if my application is successful?
Regardless of the outcome, a member of the Phakama Team will contact you to notify you of your application status.

3. My friend was part of your pilot programme, and she mentioned mentorship, how does that work?
The Phakama Team carefully pairs each candidate with a mentor, who meets with the candidates for a minimum of two hours over the course of the programme.

4. How many modules does the course cover?
There are six, four-hour modules, each of which unfolds on a Friday afternoon at VWV’s offices in the Kyalami Business Park. Students are collected at their respective campuses and dropped back afterwards. Each module is facilitated by a professional woman who works in the corporate world.

5. What kind of things will I learn?
Things like: the value of sisterhood. How to set personal goals in terms of career, finances etc. Practical skills for the corporate world, and here we’re talking punctuality, attitude, how to dress, how to get ahead etc. Also, how to build a personal brand both physically and on social media. And an insight into opportunities and challenges within the corporate world.

6. What criteria do you use to choose candidates for the course?
In addition to a 65% year mark, we look for third and final year students who are serious about a career in the marketing and advertising space. In other words ambitious, hard-working self-starters who are eager to learn and grow.

7. If I am accepted onto the course, what will be expected of me?
Places on the course are highly sought-after so those lucky enough to get one need to a) show up and b) engage fully with course facilitators, personal mentors, the content of each module, and each other. In short, to grab the opportunity with both hands.

8. How will the course benefit me?
Not only will you learn practical skills like how to write a professional CV and prepare for a job interview, you’ll also gain an insight into the workings of the corporate environment: the power of networking, the value of sisterhood, how to shape and advance your career. Through interactions with your personal mentor you’ll also gain a level of confidence and ‘suss’ that would usually take years to muster.

9. How much does the course cost?
There is no cost to students. VWV funds every aspect of the course with the help of a few key sponsors. We do however expect you to pay the experience forward in some way once you’ve graduated.

10. What’s in it for VWV?
Ever since we opened our doors over 35 years ago we’ve been passionate about growing and developing our business and, of course, the people in it. Women have always been key to our success and we want to continue this legacy by giving them every advantage possible to learn, develop and advance in our industry.

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