Selected professionals from the corporate world will facilitate the respective modules.
All leaders in their fields, these remarkable individuals have offered to share their time, knowledge and experience.
The following modules will be conducted during the 2018 curriculum:




Module 1: Sisterhood

This module aims to highlight the importance of creating meaningful relationships, addressing the importance of networking and the importance of sisterhood in a patriarchal system.

Module 2: Your Goal!

This module is aimed at addressing how to set SMART goals and how to work towards achieving these goals. The importance and value of a mentor-mentee relationship.

Module 3: Equipping you for the corporate world

This module will cover CV writing skills, interview skills and techniques, negotiation skills. All these skills will aid in landing a great job and negotiating your way around achieving your goals.

Module 4: Building Brand You

This module focuses on building a personal brand, and developing a professional image. Behavior aspects that contribute to how people perceive you and focusing on your social media presence.

Module 5: Welcome to the World of Work

This module will address the reality of work and how to position yourself as an outstanding employee. Being able to also start your own business and creating your own corporate. The module will also cover financial literacy and equip the girls with skills to help them manage their finances.

Module 6: Phakama Social Challenge

Teams will pitch a social initiative that is supported by a digital strategy that students are going to implement with their group.